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Feb-14-2019 - New Beginnings
This week so far has been very exciting for the 2006Revived team. We've had some ups and downs, and have finally gotten back on track with things and have also had a few promotions as well.

Mod One has been promoted to Lead Content Developer, Mod Gallus has been promoted to Lead Website Developer, and will continue his work as a Senior Content Developer as well. Mod Spencer has been promoted to Senior Content Developer, and Mod Ko_Badg has joined us as a Website Developer.

A few updates for the community as well:

- Quest System rewrite, allowing more fluid and optimized handling of quests.
- Player Saving has been moved to Redis to allow optimized save/load speeds.
- Client updates including camera zooming, xp drops, and minor gameframe improvements.
- New Agility courses including Brimhaven, and Wilderness courses.
- Player Owned Shops is nearing completion.
- Player report system improvements.
- Player infractions system integrated with website.

Apart from that, we are proud to announce the new and improved 2006Revived website! We hope the functionality of this site is above that of the prior. We've implemented a new CMS and Forum Software, which seems to be working and operating better than we could have hoped. We will be using the website now to post all updates for the community to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our very first behind the scenes blog here on the Revived Website. We hope you enjoyed!

Mod Gallus
Lead Website Developer
2006 Revived 2019
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